“Arthur Freydin is the Owner of Tandem Marketing.”

Arthur Freydin, based in New York City, is a performance marketing guru, entrepreneur, and company leader. Freydin, for example, is the CEO and founder of Tandem Marketing, a boutique marketing firm founded in 2018.

Arthur Freydin, a long-time advertising and marketing professional, helps eCommerce companies increase brand exposure and revenue through sponsored social media advertising campaigns, especially on Facebook and Instagram.

Freydin and the Tandem team specialize in social media advertising and eCommerce growth consulting, taking on clients as projects with a monthly ad spend as low as $3k and helping them scale up to over $100,000 per month using tools like creative development, audience testing, and holistic business support.


Finding the Best Ecommerce Service Providers List

According to Arthur Freydin, the provision of e-commerce services encompasses everything from website design to the construction of online stores. These professionals have made it their specialty to devise exciting new ways for clients to shop, which increase the percentage of casual browsers who end up making purchases. These pros know what it takes to […]

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